Unveil the beauty of the deep blue, discover the intricate species, and marvel at the wonders of nature~

Pictures taken by me.



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10 responses to “Fascination

  1. This is breathtaking! The last image reminds me of ones I’ve seen in National Geographic and in documentaries. My favorite shot has to be the first. Great job capturing the beauty of the see. I’m very impressed that you were able to get this close to the fish. I think that the shot of the turtle was a great idea, but he blends into the background too much and doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the essay. The amount of color that you captured is very impressive. Great job!

  2. Wow, these photos are beautiful! They look like they are out of a nature magazine. I especially like the third one with the fish- it is so colorful and really appealing to the eye. I’m assuming you went to an aquarium to get these pictures, unless you’ve been on a boat to a tropical island recently? But I appreciate the simplicity of each photo and that it shows how beautiful nature and wildlife are. Great job!

  3. robkconnection

    I’m super excited you were able to take underwater photography. Were you scuba diving or at an aquarium? Either way each image appreciate its subject. It documents the intricate qualities of the fish and corals. I like that you chose to do a couple close-ups and some medium shots. The school of fish is particularly nice because it captures a pattern and the pattern is then repeated over and over on various fish. Super cool, good work!

  4. Wow Reema, absolutely stunning! You offer a really interesting array of photos! When I first saw your essay I questioned whether or not you took the pictures from the nat geo website! Granted you were given an amazing setting with naturally beautiful colors and subjects, I’m still extremely impressed. I honestly cannot think of one criticism. I cannot pick a favorite, I love them all. My least favorite would have to be the fourth and middle photo, simply because it’s not as vivid as the others but still impressive. Great job!

  5. When I first looked at your pieces I was astonished and thought I may have clicked on the wrong link. The marine life looks as if it was done for an advertisement for a tropical vacation. The colors in each photo are perfect, and amazingly intriguing. Every single photo is perfectly framed and I really enjoy the various points of view that you took each photo from. The last photo is my favorite because I feel up close and personal with this fish. The photos are all aesthetically pleasing, each one of them exhibits many elements and principles of design. I love the texture of the coral reefs in the 5th photo, and the rhythm and movement of the fish in the 6th. I would say you did an amazing job acting as a window into life under the sea. I love it!

  6. stephaniapr

    Hey Reema,

    As I looked at every picture you took underwater I immediately saw my childhood before my eyes. When I was younger I use to live at my boat with my family, while my house was under construction… given Puerto Rico’s great system (sarcastically speaking), the construction lasted about 5 years. But, I did not mind because I got to spend years exploring the ocean, learning how to scuba dive and helping out with environmental awareness projects.

    Every time I went scuba diving, I saw fish like the lion fish or jelly fish like the one on your photograph. The range of colors on every picture is eye grabbing, your attention is automatically captured. On every picture there is so much variety and contrast that you can stay looking at every picture for a while… I really enjoyed looking at every single picture and think you did an amazing jobs on putting this photo essay together.
    🙂 love it!

  7. Underwater photography seems quite challenging, yet your pictures turned out beautifully!

    Framing in most of the shots is excellent, with key elements of the aquatic life subject matter aligning with the rule of thirds structure. The only exception is the sea turtle, which would have looked better if framed to include less overhead space, though I understand that this is difficult while you are underwater.

    The colors and patterns captured also add a lot, as they provide much of the visual pleasure that the images contain.

    It was a pleasure to review this essay, as the the pictures truly do evoke a feeling of “fascination.”

  8. Wow! These pictures are really impressive. I particularly like the lines and forms you were able to capture adding to your theme of the beauty in nature. The lines are particularly prominent in the two pictures of the jelly fish with the first one pulling your eyes in from all directions and the second one directing your eye down to the main subject of the photo. I really like the contrast that was created in the photo of the striped fish as the contrasting angles of the fish almost create a grid effect. The two pictures with coral have great form. In the first one I like how the main subject of the fish also has interesting forms within its own scales which are complemented by the coral. In the second one the multiple forms of the main coral subject is further reflected and balanced by the multiple solid color fish in the background.

    I love the contrast in color captured in the first, third and seventh pictures. The really help direct the eye to the main subject of the photos. Also, these is excellent depth of field in the third and fifth photos.

    I don’t see a clear story through this essay but I don’t believe that is really what you were going for. I like how the pictures seem to gradually move from one clear main subject to many subjects with more repetition and form. The only picture that does not seem to fit in as well is the one of the sea turtle that seems to lack significant lines, forms or detail.

  9. These pictures are so good! Where did you take them? At a museum? If so, you did a great job of not getting any glare off of the glass. The theme is really clear (the beauty of life underwater) and each of the shots is so interesting. I especially like how you started with a dark picture and ended with a dark picture, bringing the photo essay full circle. I also love the texture shown in the fifth picture, I really want to/wish I could reach out and touch that bubbly looking plant. Great job and great idea!

  10. WOW! These photos belong in National Geographic! Such great quality and clarity. I love the contrast of the dark ominous feel in the photot of the jellyfish in comparison to the colorful and lightheartedness feel in the photos of the coral. It’s amazing that you took the time to take all of these photos, I’m sure it was difficult to get the exact shots you wanted, but these turned out beautifully. The theme of the essay is obvious and the execution and presentation work well to help get the theme across. Amazing job!

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