Artist Statement

1.I do what I do to tell my story. I got involved in the arts scene, mostly painting, as a child. Watching my mother tell stories through her paintings, creating a new imaginary world of her own and depicting her emotions in one sweep of a brush was something that I had always aspired to achieve. I know my work is going well when people look at my work and can see a story. Even though they might all have different stories, my work acted as a starting point for them to create a world or a tale of their own. My favorite thing about my work is when people get inspired to do something or pursue their passion after seeing some of my pieces.










3. a. Blank Canvas, because I can embark on a new journey every time and start out on a new page.

b. Paint, because I can always create something new, a new color to fit my mood, to fit my story or even just to please my eye.

c. I can express myself freely, without limitations, borders or restrictions. Just my painting tools and me.

d. It conveys a story of some sort, makes someone happy or inspired someone to make a change.

e.I always tend to be slight philosophical when it comes to my art work. There always must be a story behind everything I do and all the colors, patterns and shapes of the piece must contribute to the story in some way.

f. I was taught to be free when it came to art, therefore I don’t do anything different.

g.Blue- calmness, truth and importance.

4. Journey-Inspire

5. Inspire-fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.

Creative-relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work

6. When I work with my imagination I am reminded that there are new worlds to discover.

I begin a piece by mapping out the story.

I know a piece is done when it illustrates the emotion that I was feeling or tells a story.

When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of pride.

When people see my work, I’d like them to be inspired.

I do my work to inspire people. I want to achieve greatness in the world someday and I believe that in order to do so a starting point is required. My starting point comes in the form of art, I portray my story through my art, I raise awareness through my art and I will change the world through my art. My goal is to inspire people to find something they’re truly passionate about and share their passion with the world. I firmly believe that everybody in life has a purpose, a purpose to share their knowledge with one another, a purpose to discover different passions, or a purpose to just sharing their story and through my art, I hope to inspire people to do the same and share a part of their world.

When it comes to making decisions in the course of my work, I plan out the story I plan to tell before making it permanent with paint or whichever medium I plan to use. I am usually inspired by my own stories and passions however sometimes I am inspired to tell the story of someone else. Based on the story I want to tell or the passion I want to illustrate, I search for a theme that would be a suitable fit. After finding the overall theme, I imagine the different ways I could portray it, then I sketch out my top three ideas and then decide which techniques I want to use. Lastly, after analyzing or planning out the three ideas, one usually fits the criteria of the overall theme and story, and then I commence on a new journey!

Most of my current work revolves around my personal stories and emotions. In all of my last pieces I am exploring the end of a chapter in life, graduating high school and leaving my hometown and the beginning of a new chapter, starting college and settling in a new and completely different place. Through my work I am attempting to work with new mediums such as photography and film, as well as challenging myself to take risks and work outside of the invisible lines of my comfort zone.


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