The Treasure Chest- Final Project Proposal HW #12


For my final project I’m using seven to nine colored photos to display a cohesive theme of “Ocean Wonders”.  As a child, I was always fascinated by marine creatures and the infinite number of permutations that exist in the watery world that most of us remain blissfully unaware of. When I grew up I became increasingly aware of how my interest in this field had never dwindled and I wanted to continue my studies in the field of Shipwreck Archeology, perhaps because of the allure that the story of Titanic had for many people my age.

However, during a visit to the National Geographic magazine, I stumbled upon a collection of underwater photographs and was in awe of the sheer variety and intricacy of these beautiful creatures that I didn’t even know existed. It was then I realized that I wanted to create an underwater photo essay myself in the hope that people would appreciate the natural wonders of the ocean. Therefore when I read the guidelines of the final project, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try and create a photo essay that would hopefully have the same effect on people as it did on me. Inspired by the collection of underwater photographs that had been such an eye opener for me, the theme of “Ocean Wonders” is what I plan on illustrating.

As I was preparing for a trip to Barbados for Thanksgiving break, I thought that this would provide the perfect opportunity for research and implementation of my chosen theme. Whilst I explored the scenic island, I came across three specific areas of interest that I wanted to focus upon and share with a wider audience. One was the beautiful marine life that takes up most of the island’s surrounding ocean, the second was the chance to swim with the islands famous sea turtles and the last was the once in a lifetime opportunity to discover and explore shipwreck artifacts hidden in the turquoise sea. My plan is to illustrate what I see and share this vision with a wider audience thereby captivating them into embarking on their own journey of exploration and discovery. The main concept of the photo essay is to portray the hidden wonders of the ocean therefore I plan on focusing on detailed and focused photos of certain objects or creatures as well as wider shots.

Equipped with the main idea and certain elements that I wanted to portray in the photo essay, I arrived in Barbados with a clear mind hoping to be inspired by the actual ocean. Nevertheless, before arriving I knew for certain that I wanted to include images of the actual fish, focusing on their distinct patterns and colors, coral of some sort, the turtles and most importantly the shipwreck. However, how many pictures of each I’m going to use is something that I plan on deciding after I view all the images taken underwater and this will be determined by many factors.

With regards to the layout or format of the photos I plan on trying to cover as many elements and principles of design as possible. However, there are certain more specific elements that I am aiming to capture such as color, pattern, texture and shape. In the wide spectrum that exists within the ocean, even without the shipwreck artifacts, there is a vast variety of elements that I will endeavor to highlight in this project. Whenever I look at underwater pictures there are specific elements that usually stand out the most and in this photo essay I intend to make the viewer’s eye wander all around in search of all the obvious and not so obvious elements depicted in the image. I plan on taking full advantage of this extensive range of unusual, beautiful and unique creatures or artifacts and illustrate a combination of simple and complex images to create a flowing yet interesting visual story.

There is no specified audience for this photo essay; it is more of a general audience. The reason behind not specifying a certain demographic group is because I believe that the beauty that we have on earth is taken for granted. We live in a world where the future generation is disinterested in anything that doesn’t revolve around modern day technology, and are not inspired or motivated by what nature has to offer. Consequently, I hope that after viewing the collection of photos I’m displaying at least some of the audience will be inspired by me, in much the same manner that I was by the National Geographic, and decide to see what the earth’s natural diversity and beauty has to offer. All in all, I hope that the audience is filled with a sense of motivation and desire to explore what I have experienced in even everyday elements of nature and try to awe people with what they have learned. I want to encourage them to seek out reality and its wondrous presence all around us and that there is more to life than a computer screen. I really hope that my work inspires people from all walks of life to step out of their comfort zone and discover the world for what a truly beautiful and awe inspiring place it is.


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