Final Project Ideas- HW #11

PHOTO (inspired by National Geographic’s underwater photo exhibit).

My idea continues on from the photo essay’s theme of diversity. However, instead of capturing obvious diversity such as race, different ethnicity or culture, I’ll be focusing on a specific subject, the ocean. I want to capture the diversity underwater, which includes shapes, colors and sizes, as I introduce the viewers to a “whole new world”*.

* Reference to The Little Mermaid.


The overall mood I want to convey in the film is awe. I plan on doing that by capturing the beautiful and unusual creatures of the ocean. My main goal is to captivate and enthrall the audience by the picturesque beauty of the ocean and the sounds of the ocean.


Focusing on the ocean, my idea is to create a poster that raises awareness of saving the marine life. The poster would capture several marine animals dried up on land (almost dead) with a caption that sends out a message of “look at what you have done” (in different words).


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